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SPRING INTO ACTION - Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

SPRING INTO ACTION - Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

Winters in Maine can be tough, especially on your home but thankfully warmer days are ahead which provides the perfect time to take action on important exterior repairs to your home. We’ve compiled a handful of quick home maintenance tips you, as a homeowner, should consider tackling this spring! 


Let’s start at the top with gutters and your roof. After several months of snow and ice, check for any damage - you may find you have missing or loose shingles in addition to broken gutters. Remove any sticks, leaves or debris that built up over the winter months. This isn’t just your roof, check the gutters too! Clogged or damaged gutters can allow backed up water to enter through exterior walls or the basement. Along with your gutters and roof, take a glance at your chimney. Any loose or fallen bricks? While talking about your chimney, now is the time to test your smoke detectors and replace batteries if necessary. 

Fallen branches and high winds can cause damage to your screens, now is the time to not only look for holes needing repair but signs of leaking, worn weather-stripping along the windows. Replacing weather-stripping around the windows can help keep the warm air out during the summer months while helping your air conditioning! 

Those branches aren’t just causing damage to your screens or gutters, but can make quite the pile while doing yard pick up. Consider removing broken branches and twigs, leaves from the fall, and other debris winter left behind. A lot of local towns offer “spring debris drop off days” - check with your town office to find out more! 

If you have any outside faucets, double check for any damage due to freezing temperatures. 

Check outdoor lighting to make sure all sensors are still working and that light bulbs do not need replacing.


Of course the list for spring cleaning doesn’t stop just outside - come back and read about our “must do’s” for interior cleaning in the coming days!!

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