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Maine is known for its wide variety of real estate options. From charming small towns to rustic mountain cabins, the state has something to offer everyone and every budget. Whether you're looking for a waterfront property with stunning views of the ocean or an affordable starter home in a rural community, Maine has plenty of choices. Prices can vary widely, so it's important to do your research before buying. With its wide range of real estate options and gorgeous scenery, Maine is a great place to call home. Simply select from the towns to find the right home for you. Contact Surette Real Estate


Discover all that Waterville, ME has to offer. Located by the Kennebec River and about and hour and a half north of Portland on highway 95. This county is perfect if you're seeking a larger home out of the city.    If you have any questions or would like more information about a property, feel free to Contact the team. You can also Register with our site to start saving all of your favorite real estate listings.  
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Is This Neighborhood Safe?

Is This Neighborhood Safe?


When searching for a new place to call home, there are a number of factors someone might consider as important. One of the most common questions that comes to mind is, "Is this neighborhood safe?" It's a valid concern, and everyone deserves to feel secure in their new community. However, it's essential to address this question in a way that respects fair housing and steering laws. In this article, we'll provide you with tips and strategies to assess neighborhood safety without violating these legal boundaries.

Conduct Online Research:

Use Neighborhood Safety Apps:

  • There are numerous neighborhood safety apps available that provide real-time crime data for different areas. These apps aggregate information from various sources and allow you to explore crime reports, incidents, and trends, providing valuable insights for your decision-making process.

Consult Local Authorities:

  • Reach out to local law enforcement agencies or community policing offices to inquire about safety in the area. Instead of asking if a particular neighborhood is safe, inquire about their overall efforts to maintain safety in the city or town. This approach keeps the conversation focused on community-wide security.

Check Local News Sources:

  • Local news outlets often cover crime stories and safety-related issues. Read news articles to get a sense of the general safety climate in the city or town. 

Talk to Neighbors and Residents:

  • Engaging with current residents is a great way to gather information about a neighborhood's safety. Attend local community events, visit local businesses, or strike up conversations with people you meet in the area. Instead of asking about safety directly, listen to their experiences and insights about the community.

Visit the Neighborhood:

  • Visiting the neighborhood in person is crucial when evaluating safety. Spend time exploring the area during different times of the day and week. This firsthand experience will help you gauge your comfort level in the neighborhood.

Evaluate Your Priorities:

  • Consider what safety means to you personally. Different individuals have varying perceptions of safety based on their experiences and background. Identify your priorities, such as proximity to parks, public transportation, or medical facilities, and assess how the neighborhood aligns with those needs.


When it comes to evaluating neighborhood safety while adhering to fair housing and steering laws, it's crucial to focus on general information, community-wide safety efforts, and your personal priorities. By using these strategies, you can make an informed decision about where to live while respecting legal guidelines and ensuring fair housing practices. Remember that safety is a subjective concept, and what matters most is that you feel secure and comfortable in your new home.


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