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Maine is known for its wide variety of real estate options. From charming small towns to rustic mountain cabins, the state has something to offer everyone and every budget. Whether you're looking for a waterfront property with stunning views of the ocean or an affordable starter home in a rural community, Maine has plenty of choices. Prices can vary widely, so it's important to do your research before buying. With its wide range of real estate options and gorgeous scenery, Maine is a great place to call home. Simply select from the towns to find the right home for you. Contact Surette Real Estate


Discover all that Waterville, ME has to offer. Located by the Kennebec River and about and hour and a half north of Portland on highway 95. This county is perfect if you're seeking a larger home out of the city.    If you have any questions or would like more information about a property, feel free to Contact the team. You can also Register with our site to start saving all of your favorite real estate listings.  
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What is My Home in Central Maine Worth?

When it comes to selling your property, its true value can be hard to determine. It's essential to consider a variety of factors, such as the location and condition of the property, neighborhood desirability, school district, size, age and any unique features. Also, the local market trends and current interest rates must be taken into consideration when pricing your property. At Surette, our real estate professionals possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you through these complex tasks. We can provide an in-depth analysis of your property so that you get the best possible value out of it. With no obligation and free consultation, there's no better time than now to contact us and find out how much your property is really worth!



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